Thursday, February 7, 2013

They do not live upon CHRIST

"I beseech you, as you value your privileges, and high calling in CHRIST; learn of GOD the SPIRIT how to estimate your safety in CHRIST. So wretchedly low at present is the tide of things, in the spiritual life of GOD in the soul, according to modern profession, of what some men call the Gospel; that in this land, where once it stood at high water mark, it is now nearly gone out, and left our shore at the lowest ebb. They do not live upon CHRIST, but upon their own self attainments. And while any thing in self, can be found to satisfy their minds, they are at ease; though they have no communication, from the ocean of CHRIST, in those streams, which alone can truly make glad the city of GOD, Psalm 46:4." -Robert Hawker, Commentary on Hebrews 3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Think of your mercies

"Reader! do you know the LORD? If so, think of your mercies, and rightly make use of them; amidst the present sinful and adulterous CHRIST-despising generation! Will you be cast down, because of the temptation, and have your soul discouraged by reason of the way? Oh! blessed be the way, however tempted it may be, if it thereby leads the soul, more frequently, more closely, to JESUS. Darkness is a mercy, if it drives me to JESUS the light. Poverty of soul is true riches, if my pinchings endear his enlargements! It is blessed to know, and blessed to feel, all spiritual wants; to make the soul more sensible, that there is no fulness, but in JESUS. LORD the SPIRIT! cause my soul then to live upon CHRIST!" -Robert Hawker, Commentary on Hebrews 2

Surely I will tell all the world

" it so, (oh! thou blessed LORD,) that thou art not ashamed to call thy people brethren? LORD! grant that I may never feel that false pride, and be ashamed to call thee so! Surely I will tell all the world, whose I am, and Whom I serve; and say to all I meet, JESUS is not ashamed to call me brother." -Robert Hawker, Commentary on Hebrews 2

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Remembrancer of CHRIST JESUS

"Reader! here is one of the sweet offices of GOD the HOLY GHOST, particularly endeared to us. You, and I, are forgetful of divine things. JESUS saith, that the HOLY GHOST shall bring all things to our remembrance, whatsoever he himself hath said unto us, John 14:26. And shall not you and I look up to that gracious, and loving Teacher, and say, LORD! be thou the Remembrancer of CHRIST JESUS; that none of his precious words, and the glorious things belonging to his Almighty Person, and offices, may at any time slip from our minds?" -Robert Hawker, Commentary on Hebrews 2