Saturday, January 29, 2011

Memoir of Robert Hawker

(From the Devonport Telegraph of April 7, 1827.)

"On the eve of going to press, last night, we received the melancholy tidings of the decease of this venerable man and excellent divine, at his residence in this town, at ten minutes before eight. In common with, all the Christian world, we deplore his loss, for in him the Gospel had a warm and zealous advocate. He was a clear expounder of its doctrines, a consistent follower of its precepts; and it may be truly said of him, as of the Patriarchs of old, that he " walked before the Lord in the beauty of holiness," for his whole life was devoted to the practice of every Christian virtue. He was the founder of many charities; and in him the poor have lost a father. Benignant and affectionate to all, his death will be universally regretted. Dr. Hawker was in his 74th year, 50 years of which he had been the pastor of the parish. He returned from Totness yesterday, at three o'clock in the afternoon; he was then in a very exhausted state. His journey to that place was undertaken against the advice of his medical friends, but he requested so earnestly to be suffered to visit his daughter (Mrs. Ball), who resides in that town, perhaps with a presentiment that it would be his last, that, with the hope of benefit from change of scene, he was at length removed ; but when there he found his strength rapidly diminishing, and returned but just in time to breathe his last among those to whom he was ardently attached and who may truly say, that " a great man is fallen in Israel."